My Experience as an Internet Marketing Intern with Adventure Web

Internet Marketing Intern

By: Emma Forrester

As a sophomore in college, I knew that I had to start looking for an internship. As students, we hear so much about the importance of internships, and how being an intern now will help us to acquire jobs in the future. Personally, during my sophomore year, all I wanted to do was graduate and start working in the real world. That feeling is what served as motivation for me to look for an internship. I knew that being a summer intern would be the best opportunity for me, but I had no idea what I was really interested in as a career. After all, I was only in my second year of college.

After a quick trip to my campus career center to fix up my résumé, I came across the Adventure Web Interactive internet marketing internship. I didn’t fully know what the internship entailed, but I knew it had something to do with social media. I figured since I use social media daily, this internship would be a good fit for me. So, I decided to apply. What did I have to lose?

I was accepted in the summer of 2014 as an internet marketing intern at Adventure Web. Before my experience, when I heard the word “intern” I thought of a young, frazzled college student running errands, making coffee, and filing papers in the office. While the young and frazzled part may have been correct, I was completely wrong about everything else. I was also wrong that I thought I knew everything about using social media.

Adventure Web gave me real life experience and I didn’t feel like just another useless intern. I felt like I was a valuable addition to the company, and like I was needed. I wasn’t just doing work that my supervisors gave me to keep me busy; I was actually helping the company. Specifically, I was helping with internet marketing: I was writing blogs for clients, I was helping to boost SEO and SMO, I was aggregating, I was writing posts, and I was learning more than I ever thought I would. I knew that internet marketing was important, but I didn’t know just how important.

The first obvious aspect about internet marketing is that it enables large reach towards the target market. After all, it is called the “world wide web.” Marketing through the internet provides a way for consumers to notice a company in ways that they otherwise wouldn’t. In addition to reach, it also provides an outlet for relationships to be built and social interactions to take place. This two-way communication could not take place with traditional marketing tactics. I’ve learned the most about this through writing blogs and using social media.

When I first began writing blogs, I hadn’t been accustomed to the conversational tone used when writing. After 8+ years of worrying about MLA and APA format, writing blogs was way out of my element. However, the other copywriters didn’t hesitate to give me feedback and constructive criticism along the way. I now see the importance of upholding a company’s image through personalization in writing and posting. It allows online users to better relate to the company and instills a feeling of trust that they otherwise would not have.

Now, in November, I am finishing up my time at Adventure Web (I didn’t want to leave after just three months). As the first semester of my junior year comes to a close, I’ve been able to reflect on my time in the office and in the classroom. Looking back, I frequently took the knowledge I have gained here at Adventure Web and applied it to classroom discussion, and I know that I will do the same next semester. I feel that I’m a step ahead of classmates because of my time as an intern.

I am now more proficient in the use of social media and other aspects of internet marketing. Not only did I gain internet marketing experience, but I also gained professional experience through interacting with clients and coworkers, and I couldn’t thank them enough. They were always available to give me constructive criticism and help when I needed it. I’ve grown as a writer, a student, and a professional over these past six months, and I can attribute much of that to the team at Adventure Web.

Interested in an Internet Marketing Internship?

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