The Email Marketing Genius of Louis C.K.


Thought you knew everything about email marketing? Watch Louis C.K. shatter that knowledge.

We wrote recently about learning digital marketing from America’s sweetheart, Taylor Swift. Today we’re back with an update on email marketing from America’s not-so-sweet heart, stand-up comedian and actor Louis C.K. If you know anything about Louis C.K., you know that he isn’t the biggest fan of technology, so you might be surprised that there’s anything to be learned from him regarding digital marketing. Let us explain how he taught us more than we would have ever expected by shattering every rule we thought we knew about email marketing.

Knowing Your Audience and Your Brand

With one email in 2012, Louis totally disregarded all proper marketing email protocol. He started with a vague subject line (“I’m going on the road.”). The text announcing his new tour and new ticketing method was way too long, addressed way too much, and didn’t have any fancy call to action or visuals. There were spelling, grammar, spacing, and punctuation errors throughout. And there was zero branding whatsoever. But you know what? It worked. Because that’s what his audience expects from him. While your audience might not be looking for expletive-filled and misspelled emails, they do want something that is genuine and authentic, and that represents your brand well, which is exactly what Louis accomplished in that email. If you’re a Louie fan and want to check out that email to see what we’re talking about, click here. (Be warned, it’s not quite PG, but you should expect that from him.) And Louis maintains this strategy with all of his marketing emails. For example, if you forget your password to his site, your retrieval email will open with, “Apparently you forgot your password? Ok, so here’s your new one, stupid.” It’s just Louie being Louie. Be true to your brand. Customers will appreciate it.

Give the People What They Want

Speaking of things customers appreciate, we can’t stress enough how important it is to give them something that they can at least tolerate, but preferably enjoy. When Louis C.K. sends out emails, you’re getting an email from Louis C.K. That might sound silly and redundant, but the point is that it sounds personal and sincere. It’s not from Louis’ PR guy. It’s not from his marketing team. It sounds like he’s sitting down and writing an email to you and you only. Emails are an opportunity to make a connection with your customer, to show them that you’re listening, and if you do it right, your marketing will become infinitely more effective.

To read the full source article about how Louis’ email marketing blew our minds, chock full of more examples and some more Louis humor, click through here to MarketingLand. It’s quite a good read with some great information.

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