Donate To Springboard’s Hurricane Sandy Relief

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Adventure Web Production’s client Karin Schwartz of Springboard this Saturday November 10th will be driving two 18 wheelers filled with donations directly to 4 of the New Jersey communities hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy.

The Springboard team will have volunteers in New Jersey distributing goods to the Fire Departments and Churches working hard to ensure members of the New Jersey communities have the essentials.

The following drop off locations are ready to accept donations:

HealthPlan Headquarters

Bel Air Beltway Plaza
7630 Bel Air Road

10-6 M-TH

Downtown Dog Resort

Behind the 1st Mariner Bank

3311 Eastbourne Ave

Baltimore, MD  21224
M-Th 9-4

Engility on Post at APG

6280 Guardian Parkway

Baltimore, MD  21236

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Thursday 3-8pm

Here is the list of items our drop off locations will need for the Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts:

–      Water (1 liter or smaller for easy transport).

–      Canned Food.

–      Rice and Beans (5 and 10 pound bags).

–      Powdered Milk.

–      Baby Formula.

–      Baby Bottles.

–      Pet Food and Supplies.

–      First Aid Kits.

–      Battery Operated Radios.

–      Flashlights.

–      Batteries.

–      Portable Generators.

–      Paper Napkins, Cups and Plastic utensils.

–      Non-electric can openers and utility knifes.

–      Duct Tape.

–      Diapers.

–      Sleeping Bags.

–      Freshly Laundered Clothes.

–      Blankets.

–      Coats.

–      Shoes.

–      Sweaters.

–      Feminine Products and wipes.

–      Disinfectant and bleach.

–      Personal care items of soap and toilet paper.

–      Plastic Tarps.

–      Furniture

The Hurricane Sandy Relief is also in need of volunteers who can help with the big drop off on Thursday November 8th and the sorting that starts Friday November 9th at 5pm at the Canton location.

Packing of the donations will start at 8am on Saturday November 10th.

All volunteers are more than welcomed to head up to New Jersey with Karin Schwartz and the Springboard team.

In New Jersey, there will be a team of people ready to help unload the donations and distribute to towns such as Seabright, Tom’s River, Hazlet, Belmar and Union Beach.

If you have any questions about the Hurricane Sandy Relief Drive, call Karin Schwartz 443.413.5826, Justin Lotano 732.616.4747 or Marci Yankelov 443.858.9113.

Adventure Web is happy to work together with Springboard to give those in need the help they need. We hope you will join the effort.

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