With Sale Rumors Mounting, What Direction will Twitter Take?

TwitterThe social media world has been abuzz over the last week with the rumors that Twitter will soon have a new corporate owner. While it is not clear how quickly the company will move with the sale, Twitter has been going on with formalizing the process. It is also unclear whether a sale will happen at all, but the possible directions the platform could take could give it a new core purpose that could have consequences for your marketing strategies. Let’s take a look at the three distinct directions Twitter might go, depending on the three suitors that news outlets have identified.

A More Corporate Orientation

One possible buyer has been salesforce.com, which focuses on cloud-based sales and marketing software. This might be the best possible outcome for businesses interested in marketing through Twitter. It should give companies more tools to analyze customer sentiment and nurture relationships with them. One drawback, however, is that this data may not be as valuable as desired owing to the relative infrequency that some users tweet.

The Advertising Route

Google, which has struggled with social media in the past, is another suitor for Twitter. It gives the company another route to sell ads and a large potential audience for them. It can also utilize its experience with Youtube in determining good policies for Twitter advertising. However, this potential deal could fall apart stemming from potential antitrust investigations, especially in Europe.

Playing for Media

Twitter has been more active lately with live streaming and has recently streamed NFL games as well as the recent presidential debate. This makes the platform interesting enough that a company like Disney might try to acquire them. Media companies, in general, have struggled to find growth in the mobile market, none of which have mobile products with as wide of a reach as Twitter. Analysts are skeptical about the potential for media companies with social media, as the 2005 acquisition of Myspace by News Corp. was an unmitigated disaster.

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