Content Marketing: The Key to Digital Success

If your digital marketing strategy does not involve content creation, it’s probably time for you to get with the times. Content marketing is one of the best ways to increase the reach of your website and ensure that the right people are finding your products and services.So what is content marketing and what makes it so great anyhow? Find out in today’s blog, below.

Content marketing

What is content marketing?

Content marketing involves the creation of weekly content (aka blogs) that provide your readers with useful and relevant information. Any content marketing agency worth their salt will conduct thorough keyword research before coming up with topic ideas in order to ensure that your blogs are reaching the audience you seek.

What is the point of content marketing?

The biggest benefit to content marketing is that it increases the number of ways in which people can find your website. Think about it this way: If you have a website that contains 12 landing pages, those 12 pages are the only opportunities that search engines have to pick up your site. Sure, the copy on your site will likely be optimized for search engines and contain your focus keywords, but there are still only a few chances that you have to catch the eyes of searchers and thereby increase your rankings.

Content marketing involved the creation of unique blog posts on a weekly (or more frequently, if you really want your site to take off) basis. This means that each and every blog topic is a new chance to incorporate new keywords and bring in an audience that otherwise never would have found your site. For example, let’s say Sally is sort of thinking about a new fence, but she hasn’t really decided what material would be best for her. So she searches “best fencing materials” and she finds a blog that your company has published. After she reads the article, she’s so impressed by how knowledgeable and informational your company is, she decides to click around your site to learn more about your products and services. There was nothing on your original website that would have come up in Sally’s search results, so content marketing opened up a new avenue for her to find you. Smart content marketing is about thinking through the questions that your audience is asking and then answering them in a clear and concise way. You’d be amazed how many new clients it can open you up to!

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