Content Marketing: How to Snag The Perfect Testimonial


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Your potential customers care about what your past customers think about your business. The perfect testimonial can take your content marketing strategy to the next level!

Testimonials are a major key to a successful content marketing strategy. A testimonial is a formal statement from a customer or client, endorsing your business and elevating your credibility as a professional. Testimonials come in various forms, some being: Yelp reviews, Facebook comments, emails and in person. A good testimonial can skyrocket your business ahead of your competitors. Positive word-of-mouth is an extremely powerful business tool and always has been.

Can a Lack of Testimonials Hurt My Business?

The bottom line is: People want to know about your reputation with past customers before they invest in your services. This opinion can sometimes make or break your chance of generating new business, even if the rest of your content marketing strategy is top notch. You need great testimonials. If you don’t have them, your potential customer will find someone who does and likely put their trust and business into that company instead.

Who Do I Ask For a Testimonial?

A testimonial is usually short and concise, commonly published in a written format. In some cases, video testimonials are a great, personable endorsement. If you need a testimonial from a client or customer, it is wise to choose someone who is representative of your target audience and who had a great experience with your company. Consider your target audience’s job title and demographics. If you have several target audiences, you should ask for testimonials from each audience. When asking for a testimonial, remind your client or customer about the specific impacts your products or services had on them. Hopefully, doing so will generate a testimonial that sounds more like, “This company saved my business $10,000 annually and reduced our labor costs by 3 hours a week!” as opposed to, “This company saved us a ton of time and money!”

Can I Publish Their Full Name and Job Title?

When you reach out to your client or customer (via email, telephone, a meeting, etc), it is essential that you communicate where you intend to publish their testimonial. You will have to ask their permission to use their full or partial name and company information. For example, you can say “Hi John, we plan on publishing your testimonial on our website and social media outlets. As a reminder, we have copied your testimonial below. Do you prefer John Smith, CEO of (Business Name), or John S., CEO of (Business Description)?” Normally, if a client was impressed with your services they will happily oblige to spreading the word.

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