Fighting RADD with Clever Content Marketing

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Help us fight the RADD epidemic with awesome content marketing.

RADD is sweeping the globe in 2016. It’s a serious epidemic that’s leaving even the best content marketing strategies cast to the wayside like a pile of old hashtag-dense tweets and plain-text blogging. What’s that? You don’t know what RADD is? That’s because Pamela Wilson over at copyblogger.com totally made it up earlier today. The entirely fictional, yet all-too-real syndrome — Reader Attention Deficit Disorder — is leaving your content marketing half-read, and your messages undelivered. Here’s how we’re doing our part to eradicate the RADD epidemic.

Snag Skimmers with Smart Subheads

Hey there, skimmer. How’d you like that alliteration? Blogging is a hugely important part of content marketing (and really any digital marketing strategy) — but in 2016 hardly anybody’s going to sit around and read a block of text without knowing that it’s well worth their time. Smart, clever, and informative subheadings that stick out will help readers determine that your blog is worth reading the smaller stuff (y’know, the actual content). When you’re done writing, take a peek at your subheads and ask yourself whether you’d read the post based only on the subheads. If you can’t, it’s time for some tweaking.

Fight RADD with “Rad”

Plain text is for squares. You think all those millennials that you’re trying to convert into customers are going to sit there and read a wall of text? Capture their attention with rich multimedia features. Got a cool infographic? A relevant video? Even just an image or two within a blog will help break down your content marketing into quicker and more digestible information. At the very least, write content that draws your readers in, makes them appreciate your brand, and gets your message across. Make ‘em laugh. Give ‘em something to think about. Offer tips and tricks that’ll keep ‘em coming back for more. Ms. Wilson from copyblogger offered these awesome resources to help you craft great content, and we’ll go ahead and link you there as well.

Armed with the knowledge to capture the attention of the entire Internet, use your powers for good to help your business grow. If you need a little help, well that’s what we’re here for.

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