Chirping About the New Twitter Algorithm and Social Media Marketing

new twitter algorithm

Wonder what’s new with Twitter’s most recent update? Read on, dear reader.

It used to be all about the right place and the right time. Now it’s shifting to focus on content. Today’s the day that Twitter rolls out its new “catch-up” algorithmic timeline. The internet has been buzzing about it lately, but if you haven’t heard, here’s an article from The Verge that lays out the details. The algorithm is based on the one that ranked tweets for the “While You Were Away” section that Twitter introduced about a year ago. You can click through to The Verge article to for a more detailed breakdown of how it works. Meanwhile, we’re here to tell you about the impact it’ll have on social media marketing.

What’s Going On Up There?

Twitter’s new algorithm is going to add a supplementary “catch-up” section to the top of users’ normal, reverse-chronological, real-time feed — not replace it. That section will consist of tweets that Twitter considers important to each individual. Twitter explains that it looks “at accounts they interact with, Tweets they usually engage with, interests, and what’s going on in their network”. But don’t go promoting your tweets to drive engagement just yet — the algorithm only counts organic engagement, not paid ads.

Movin’ On Up (to the Catch-Up)

…to a deeeluxe Twitter in the skyyy…. Sorry, got carried away. Anyway. How do social media marketers get their content to be recognized by the new Twitter algorithm? In short: drive engagement. Anything that encourages, clicks, retweets, and likes will hopefully get you recognized. Get your followers engaged and excited about what you have to say, and they’ll start to see more of your tweets that they might have missed. And then their followers might start to see your tweets, and then their followers, and then their followers….  Beneficial for both consumers and for marketers, the new algorithm is intended to promote Twitter’s best organic content. So think hard and get creative, and you’ll start to float to the top.

While the new Twitter algorithm won’t have an immediate or direct impact on advertisers, it’s still important to be aware of. If you weren’t already, take this opportunity to start creating interesting and engaging content on your Twitter — and all digital marketing outlets — and just watch where that takes you.

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