Can You Quantify the Success of Your Online Marketing Campaign?

It’s very evident that the internet is in the number one spot as a medium for reaching customers. But between your business website, email marketing, and social media posts, it can seem like you are throwing a lot of content into space. How can you know if it’s paying off? Here are a couple of easy signs that your online marketing campaign has tangible results.


Social media is all about promoting an image; in this particular case, that would be your company’s brand. The easiest way to tell if your online marketing campaign is a success is by seeing how much your business is growing in popularity. That includes an increase in traffic to your business website as well as the number of times your business is tagged in other customer’s posts. There are many helpful tools, like Google Analytics, that can let you easily track your progress in these areas.


Another reason why online marketing is so popular is that there are many opportunities to promote your business for absolutely free. Normally, you will have to pay a large amount of money for a TV commercial, billboard, or even a simple mailer as these expenses add up. But you can send the same type of information on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram at no cost at all. Even if you decide to pay for add boosting, such as on Facebook, it won’t be nearly as much as a traditional marketing tactic. You’ll know if your online marketing is on the right track if you are saving money.


The other side of the coin of saving money on online marketing is the enormous return on investment. Of course, the end goal of all your marketing is to get customers to purchase your product and services. If you see an increase in business, then that means that your online marketing is bringing more customers in. You can even ask your new customers as they come if they heard of your business online.

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