Can Live Feeds Generate Buzz for Your Next Event?


marketing, facebook live, live feedsFacebook recently introduced a live broadcast feature called Facebook Live. Now you can broadcast to your friends what you’re doing with a stream of live video. Though the quality of the video is pretty low, there is something to be said about the excitement of live feeds. It’s sort of like face-timing all of your friends at once. Now, how it can it be used in marketing? Let’s take a look.

What makes live feeds so interesting?

There is something electric about a live feed. After all, you are gaining insight about what is actually happening right now. It’s sort of an unfiltered connection between you and the person in the broadcast. However, there is more to be said for it. A live feed can not only connect you to the person broadcasting, but possibly to important events. The democratic and republican national conventions will both be live streamed this year. This will allow the whole world to see what really goes on within them rather than the rampant speculation that we have faced in the past.

How can you utilize live feeds for your company’s business?

When you post a live feed of your store, event, or even just of your employees, you are engaging with your customer base. You are engaging with your clients. Not only are you humanizing your brand, you are showing the people who want to engage with your products a side of your company that you might not be able to communicate every day. Why not host a live feed of your next speaking event or of a roundtable discussion you and your team are having? These live feeds can give new insight to your company and show the world why they want to work with you, for you, and more.

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