Buyable Pins for Pinterest

Buyable-PinsFor those involved with social media on any level, whether it is personal or business, rumors are always circulating about new things to come. Just recently, one of those rumors has become a reality. Pinterest has announced that Buyable Pins will be coming to the popular site in a matter of weeks. While this is a big game changer for consumers and ecommerce, many are wondering what the Buyable Pins will bring to the table.

Buyable Pins for the Consumer

Once the feature has been revealed, consumers will find a blue “Buy It” button next to the original red “Pin It” button. The consumer will also have the option to see size and color options as well as filtering the products by price. Pinterest is also partnering with Apple Pay and other processors to ensure that all credit card information used is safe and secure.

This means that while in the past, Pinterest has been used to keep a list of wanted items; it can now be used as a direct source of purchase with Buyable Pins. Consumers with iPhones and iPads will see the new feature first while those using Android and Desktop devices will have to wait a bit longer.

Buyable Pins have been created to mainly benefit the consumer on the go. Once information has been stored, the consumer can make purchases easily without having to reenter their card information.

Buyable Pins for Ecommerce

Buyable Pins will bring a new convenience of shopping to the consumers of your business. Unlike other platforms, Pinterest is not asking for percentage of the transactions made. In fact, if your business meets the necessary criteria, you could begin with Buyable Pins at no additional charge. However, this does mean that promoted pins through Pinterest should be considered to ensure ideal placement and exposure.

Major retailers have already partnered with Pinterest to begin using Buyable Pins as well as other smaller companies that are involved with the Shopify and Demandware platforms. If you are not on either of these platforms, there is now a waitlist for other businesses as new integrations begin.

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