Business Mobile Development 2013: Mobile App Vs. Mobile Website

Mobile Marketing is becoming more prevalent than ever before. It’s time to get your business discovered on the mobile web. But what is best for your business – a mobile website or a mobile app?

To decide what is the best mobile feature for your business, you need to know what are the different advantages between a mobile website and a mobile app.

A mobile application allows  mobile users to download an app to their mobile devices to access your business products and services.

mobile website allows mobile users to access your business through a browser based HTML pages. This page can be accessed on a mobile device by WiFi, 3G, or 4G networks.

The mobile website is beneficial to your business because it’s designed perfectly to fit handheld displays and touch screen interfaces. It can display text content, data, images,video and location based mapping. Mobile websites can provide mobile friendly content to anyone in the world.

In fact, it’s best to have a mobile website and mobile app to gain the widest audience for your business. This is a great mobile outreach strategy because you’ll receive the broadest accessibility and compatibility for your business mobile presence.  Your content will also be easier to share among users and search engines as well.

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