Business Benefits of Facebook

At first, Facebook was used for college students to find out about their freshman roommate. Gradually, it moved to high school students and now it is popular in the business world. Facebook has allowed companies to create endless opportunities by allowing their current and prospective clients to learn more about the company’s mission, employees, and events. Listed below are some of the key components of Facebook that allow small and large businesses to become successful:

  1. Branding: Allows customers to see who and what your company truly is through pictures and information on your profile
  2. Customer Interaction: Allows customers to leave feedback or ask questions regarding event or products of your company
  3. New Customer Search: allows you to find customers you may not have found without Facebook
  4. Keep Your Reputation: constantly updating your Facebook page will encourage clients to keep coming back for more
  5. Client Retention: allows another option of relationship building
  6. Networking: word of mouth on Facebook will attract prospective clients to your page
  7. Feedback: the numerous application availability allows customers to give feedback on various concerns

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