Boost Your Google Ranking Fast With These SEO Tips

seo tips boost google rank

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a driving factor in deciding where your website ranks in a search engine. Improved SEO = Increased Traffic = Higher Ranking!

Digital marketing is ever-changing, and staying informed about the latest and greatest search engine optimization practices can be tough. Have you experienced that maddening moment when you Google search a keyword specific to your industry and your website doesn’t show up? This is a clear sign that your SEO strategy needs some refining. Investing in a long-term SEO approach is the best way to yield successful results within search rankings – but if you are looking for quick fixes to boost your Google rankings now, we are here to help!

Utilize Alt Text For Images

Do Google a favor and always add alt text to your images. Google can only read text, so as much as it loves that you have published an image – without alt text, it isn’t boosting your SEO. Tip: Add keyword-rich alt text that is short, yet descriptive and doesn’t come off spammy. Bonus: This makes your content more accessible for people with vision impairments.

SEO Content Tip: Use Headings (Yes, Like This One)

Headings are a great way to boost your SEO, since they assist Google in identifying what the following section of your content is about. Tip: Include a keyword in your heading and use at least one heading within the body of your content.

Improve Your Title Tag

The title tag of your articles or web pages should briefly describe the topic and theme of your content. If someone comes across your title tag in the search list, are they going to feel inclined to click it? Optimizing your title tag is a major key for improving SEO. Tip: Include long-tail, readable keywords (placed towards the beginning) and keep your title tag between 50 and 60 characters.

De-Clutter Your URL

Your URLs should contain your keyword, not spammy words. Tip: Shorten your URL to 60 characters or fewer, removing words similar to “and,” “or,” and “of.” In turn, Google will have a clearer understanding of your content and rank it higher for SEO.

Include External Links to Relevant Sites

Your content should be rich with several high quality external links that build your credibility and value. Tip: If you want these links to make an actual difference in boosting your SEO, be sure that you are linking to sites with high Google rankings.

Remember Your Audience: Humans

As you are working to improve your SEO strategy, do your best to remember that you are not solely trying to attract a search engine. You want your content to attract your real audience – humans. After all, even search engines can see through spammy content. Tip: Create high quality content (frequently) that is easy to read – writing with your readers in the forefront of your mind and robots in the back.

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