Baltimore Candy Maker Wockenfuss Featured on Cover Of Baltimore Sun

Wockenfuss Chocolate Candy

Our client Wockenfuss Candies was featured on the cover of the Baltimore Sun late May.

Wockenfuss Candies is known as Baltimore’s best-known candy makers. The particular article the company was mentioned in is the Policy Pits Candy Against Sugar. The news article discussed Wockenfuss Candies and other Baltimore Candy Makers stance on a sugar policy that’s been in place since the Great Depression.

Baltimore candy makers want better access to cheaper, imported sugar and hope Congress will overturn the sugar policy that puts restrictions on foreign sugar imports. The sugar policy restrictions inflate the cost of producing caramels, toffees and chocolates for Wockenfuss and other candy makers.

Wockenfuss purchases more than 35,000 pounds of sugar a year and the unleveled playing field on foreign sugar imports could hurt small businesses throughout Baltimore.

Adventure Web Productions is proud of our client Wockenfuss Candies for taking a stance to better small businesses throughout Maryland and the country.

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