How to Avoid the Biggest Instagram Mistakes


Make sure your social media marketing is on point by avoiding these big Instagram mistakes.

More and more people are beginning to realize the value of Instagram in marketing. Not only does it allow for a personalized experience, it’s also becoming a necessity in any industry that has visually appealing products. Still, taking advantage of Instagram as a marketing platform is still a relatively new idea that has a decent amount of uncharted territory. Thankfully, we’ve nailed down a few common mistakes that are easily avoided—read on below to find out more about how to avoid making some basic Instagram mistakes.

Paying For Interactions

This one may seem obvious but sometimes people fall in the trap of buying followers or likes. It can be an appealing option for a lot of people, especially influencers whose career depends on how many likes or followers they get. The truth is, doing this can only serve to hurt your credibility. If it were to come to light that you were paying for likes and followers, people are going to be less likely to trust your brand in the future.

Bad Images

As a visual-based platform, you should always be sure that you’re using high-quality images. Blurry photos and videos indicate a lack of professionalism that doesn’t encourage potential customers to take any note of you. Just remember that first impressions in marketing are sometimes the only impressions you get—and on Instagram, a blurry photograph can push people away from looking at anything else you put out.

Not Taking Advantage of Analytics

Paying attention to analytics is necessary if you really want to make some headway. Taking a look at things like follower demographics, their interests, how they purchase things online, and so on can be useful in crafting better content for them. Knowing something as basic as whether your photo content or video content performs better can help in content direction later on down the line.

Posting Too Little or Too Much

Drowning your followers in content can get to be obnoxious. On the flip side, if you don’t post often enough, they make forget you even exist. It’s best to explore different tactics and see what works best for you. Taking a look at your analytics is a fantastic way to do this, as is testing different posting times to see if it has any impact on your outreach.

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