AMP – The Future of Mobile Web Pages


Mobile pages built on the AMP platform load much more quickly than regular pages, maximizing the opportunity for you to reach your audience.

The importance of the mobile market for internet marketers has been recognized for many years as mobile traffic to websites has grown. According to recent studies, smartphone users spend an average of nearly two and a half hours on their phones a day and touch their phones an amazing 2,617 times daily! In addition, the number of users who access the internet primarily from a mobile device has increased to 33%. In response to the growing need for mobile-optimized pages, Google has rolled out the Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) project, designed for publishers to build quickly-loading mobile pages.

What is AMP?

AMP is way to construct a page of content. By removing Javascript from a page, content is able to load onto a mobile device almost instantly. It does this by making text-based content the priority in loading before adding in the additional content. Google launched this project as an open-source initiative primarily to improve the overall user experience for those whose basic point of contact with the web is on a mobile platform. You can experience AMP yourself – just whip out your smartphone, bring up Google, and search for a news topic. Any story with a lightning bolt and the AMP designation should load almost immediately upon pressing the story!

Why AMP is Being Developed

AMP dramatically improves load times on mobile devices. According to developers, the median load time for an AMP-formatted web page is 0.7 seconds, whereas other pages take 22 seconds to load. This is an important point for internet marketers to keep in mind. Studies show that more than half of site visitors only spend an average of 15 seconds or less on a web page before navigating away from it, and 29% of users will navigate away from a page if it loads too slowly. AMP has the potential to keep your potential customers on your landing pages and make your content more visible in Google search queries.

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