All of the Successful Components of a Landing Page

All of the Successful Components of a Landing PageA useful landing page is a cornerstone of a successful business website. But you might currently be wondering, what exactly is a landing page? A landing page is a singular web page that will appear in response to clicking on some kind of marketing promotion, like an ad. The defining feature of any landing page is that it’s one page created to generate conversions, rather than just a page of your website. The information located on the landing page is an expansion of the information provided by the source. If you are currently into digital and social media marketing, you might be curious about what goes into a successful landing page? Read on to learn all about the successful components of a landing page.


Obvious? Possibly. But important? Definitely. Your landing page headline is the first thing your visitor will engage with once somebody arrives on your page, so it is often make-or-break. You want to grab the reader’s attention with a short and clear piece of copy that lets them know what your products or services are.


Your subheading provides you with the chance to expand on your headline and offer up any important information that they might not have so far. This is also a big chance for you to flex your persuasion muscles. Perhaps you press on your customer’s pain points, or you draw them in with a huge benefit to what it is you’re offering as a company. Again, make sure that your content is always directing the user towards your desired CTA.


The brain processes photos much faster than text, so including some photos on your landing page is a definite way to ensure that you make an excellent first impression. Just make sure that the image is high-quality and relevant to what your landing page is about. It could also be smart to include a video, perhaps as an alternative to any bulky copy that you might have.

Trust Signals

Sometimes landing pages run the risk of looking very spammy. To ensure that your page makes your business look professional and legitimate, you might want to consider incorporating some trust signals within your content. Some options include adding your contact information, customer testimonial, trust badges, and more to provide you are a recognized or endorsed company.

Call to Action

This is one of the most essential elements of any landing page. When creating and placing your call to action, you should think about the user journey. Your call to action should capture the attention of your visitor without seeming too detached from the content on the page. It should have clarity and take your user on an informed and educated journey to your desired point of conversion.

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