ADVP Recent Live Site Launches: Slantress’ Live Site!

Adventure Web Productions has recently launched Slantress’ new live site! Slantress is a magazine publication that gives a voice to everyday Black women and ensures solid educated leaders are permeating the Black community. Slantress will recognize and feature today’s Black women in leadership and utilize those relationships to assist in the restructuring of the Black community.

They encourage networking through sharing, supporting and learning from each other. They are “Change Agents” who have opened their minds to infuse the vital focus required to uplift every Black woman…one sister at a time!

SLANTRESS, as the magazine is titled is the creation of Founder and CEO, Deborah J. Billips. SLAN-TRESS (noun) [‘slan-tris): a woman with a viewpoint & vision, and the heart to follow it.

The magazine features will span seven main headings: Health, History, Business, Relationships, Finance, Fashion & Beauty, and Entertainment. “We are intentionally avoiding lightening rod topics such as Politics and Religion,” Billips said. The initial circulation will be within the Baltimore, D.C., and Northern Virginia corridor.

Check out the new website design at www.slantress.com!