Adventure Web’s CEO Featured in Retail Today’s 2023 Q3 Executive Round Table

retail today q3 executive roundtable

Adventure Web’s Craig Kahl is featured in Retail Today’s Q3 2023 Executive Roundtable.

Adventure Web’s CEO and President, Craig Kahl, is featured in Retail Today’s Q3 2023 Executive Roundtable. The issue, viewable online, gathers insights from industry leaders on how retailers across the country are evolving with the technology now available for online and in-person retail experiences. In the Q3 Roundtable, thoughts on how to approach the upcoming holiday shopping season are included. You can read opinions and insights from dozens of eCommerce industry leaders in Retail Today’s online magazine. 

You can read Adventure Web CEO Craig Kahl’s contribution in the online issue, and below. Under the topic of “The Personalization Advantage,” Kahl writes: 

Retailers are thriving in the experience economy by embracing personalization as a strategic cornerstone. They understand that customers seek more than just products; they crave unique, tailored experiences. Retailers are leveraging data analytics and insights to craft personalized journeys. From recommendation engines to customized marketing messages, they create connections that resonate with individual preferences. Physical stores are transforming into immersive spaces, offering interactive, sensory-rich encounters that can only be found in-store. Brands that excel in personalization foster loyalty, boost sales, and stay ahead in this competitive landscape. By placing customers at the center and curating unforgettable experiences, retailers can meet and exceed expectations in the experience-driven era.

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