Adventure Web Productions: Template Website Vs. Custom Website – You Get What You Pay For.

By Jen Pack

If you believe a template website is all you will need to keep your business successful on and off the web, think again. Just because a template website is affordable, it doesn’t mean it’s the best visual representation of your company and brand.

When comparing a template website with a custom website, you get what you pay for.

A website is a marketing or sales tool that should be used as an excellent representation of your company and brand, no matter if you are a solo-entrepreneur or a multimillion dollar corporation company.

In the words of NAWBO member Gina Ramsey:

“Every business owner should look at a website as another sales person. People should be able to find you, navigate through your site, and contact your business”.

Gina Ramsey is an expert Web Design, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Specialist for Adventure Web Productions.

Ramsey informed NAWBO that template based services such as GoDaddy.com, WordPress, Zymic and Host Gator are able to offer small businesses with limited budgets, a digital real estate at low cost.

This one-stop shopping experience can be very tempting to struggling startups that need to purchase web hosting, a domain name, email service and build a site from a stock template. However, this seemingly simple solution is not always the best solution for building or expanding your business.

Ramsey makes it clear you get what you pay for.

“In most cases, these providers offer basic templates, with limited customization. Template sites can’t grow as your business grows or use the full capabilities of SEO”, Ramsey explains.

SEO, the process that makes your website search friendly, plays a very important role in your site being discovered by your company’s target audience.

You can truly reap the full benefits of SEO with a custom built website.

When a custom built website is created by professional web developers with knowledge on using technology, your company’s website will yield greater results for your company brand.

Adventure Web Productions uses superb techniques to strengthen the power of organic SEO through on-page optimization-SEO. The on-page optimization SEO is based on content and keyword usage.

A template website cannot provide adequate optimization of a website. By purchasing a template website, you miss out on the opportunity to take your company to the next level.

On average a template website can only guarantee your company’s website a place on Google’s standard search result list top 40 pages.

This is very problematic because average Internet users don’t go further than the first 3 pages of a Google search.

In other words, template websites are ineffective if the intended audience never sees it.

For effective and affordable custom-built websites, hire Adventure Web Productions.

Adventure Web Productions specializes in affordable custom web design and development, software development, content management systems (CMS), database integration, e-marketing solutions, social media strategy and implementation, organic SEO and pay per click campaigning for every size business. The company conducts research including: competitive analysis and company questionnaire to ensure your branding, mission, and target audience taken into consideration to create the final product. Adventure Web also stays up to date on the newest technologies, s­o you can be sure your site won’t be obsolete in the next six months. The company offers flexible plans that are geared toward small business. “We are able to work within a budget to help you spend your money on a product that will take your business to the next level”, Ramsey states.

For more information, please visit Adventure Web Productions at www.advp.com or call:410.788.7007.