Adventure Web Productions Launches New Site: O’Malley Lumber

O'Malley Lumber 2013-06-14 15-32-22

Since 1952, O’Malley Lumber has delivered wholesale lumber from plywood boxes to wood packaging and pallets. O’Malley Lumber’s sawmills are located in Virginia but the company ships worldwide. The company accommodates orders for military and government contracts as well as any order that can be transported in a delivery van. O’Malley Lumber is also “green and clean,” being an active member of the Virginia Forest Products Association and re-using the sawdust to make pellets for heating and cooking. No harmful chemicals are used in the facilities. An Inventory Management System is in place for clients to keep track of pallets and replenish as needed.

Contact O’Malley Lumber at 410.477.0500 and visit the new site at http://www.omalleylumber.com.

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