Adventure Web Productions Launches New Site: My Property Locker

My Property Locker

My Property Locker is a company based upon recovering your stolen or missing property. Founded in May 2013 by two Maryland Law Enforcement Officers, the company gives its clients a way to catalog their valuables using serial numbers, identifying marks, and other information that could help find the items if they are reported lost or stolen. My Property Locker works with some of the top technology and consumer professionals to insure that their service is quick, professional, and efficient. The best part of My Property Locker? It’s completely free. The site is simply created to give people peace of mind that their possessions are accounted for and that law enforcement officials have good and immediate data to help make sure they are recovered quickly.

Signing up and using My Property Locker is quick and simple. After entering some very basic registration information you can begin using My Property Locker and adding your valuables and their identifiable features to your own personal “locker.” You can then use the locker for insurance claims, lost property reports, stolen property reports, warranty information, verification of valid non-stolen property purchases, as well as to have a list of what valuables you have in order to keep track of all of your serial numbers and important information. My Property Locker uses encryption that is superior to bank security and boasts an SSL Security Certificate as well as two servers for quick and advanced security.

No one (including law enforcement) can randomly access your locker except for you. Rest assured that all of your information is safe!

To see the new website, please visit http://www.mypropertylocker.com.

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