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Eric N. Lamb, P.A. Attorney at law has more than a decade of experience helping clients in the Baltimore metropolitan area with elder law and family law legal assistance. Lamb covers several legal areas including wills and testaments, estate planning, estate administration, guardianship, real estate, and family law. Lamb takes pride in providing compassionate, professional, and affordable legal services to clients in Baltimore. Lamb distinguishes himself by working directly with his clients, as opposed to passing them off to a partner or paralegal. If you contact Lamb for legal assistance, you’ll be working with him every step of the way. Lamb also provides a free in-home consultation, making him one of the few attorneys in Baltimore offering this service.

Practice Areas


  • Wills – Wills ensure that your possessions are quickly transferred to your heirs.
  • Estate Planning – Estate planning ensures that your assets and accumulated wealth are protected and avoid unnecessary state and federal taxes.
  • Estate Administration – Estate Administration is carried out at your time of death to ensure that the tenets of your will and estate planning are properly executed.
  • Guardianship – Guardianship ensures that should you pass before your children turn 18, that they will be legally entrusted to someone you trust.
  • Real Estate Law – Real estate law governs the process of buying and selling a property, and all of the laws that apply to this process.
  • Family Law – Family law includes divorces, custody litigation, and child support.


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