Adventure Web Launches New Site: My Brother’s Keeper Baltimore

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For over 33 years, My Brother’s Keeper has been a haven for the struggling population of Baltimore City. The faith-based ministry assists guests in making positive changes within in their own lives and within the surrounding community. This non-profit organization offers a variety of services for its guests, including meal services, social services, youth programs, workforce assistance, a health clinic, and community outreach.

Their vision statement consists of 5 elements: motivating love for God, inspiring hope, transforming the Irvington community, providing quality services, and providing a respectful, compassionate, and supportive environment. The organization’s mission is to “give hope a home.”

My Brother’s Keeper also hosts a variety of events for both the guests as well as people looking to help the organization. Some of these events include a traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner, basket bingo, and an annual bull roast.

My Brother’s Keeper is always grateful for both monetary and in-kind donations. If you’re interested in donating, you can visit this page. If you’d like to know what else this organization has to offer, feel free to call 410-644-3194. Be sure to visit the new website: http://www.mybrotherskeeperbaltimore.org/


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