Adventure Web Launches New Site: CDigital

CDigital Markets


Beginning with high-speed digital printing in 2001, and later shifting to transfer decoration of plastic, metal and glass materials in 2006, CDigital has remained an innovator in the digital printing and heat transfer industry. Over 130 products of all sizes and materials are marked with the company’s revolutionary Grafixx heat transfers. In terms of full color heat transfers, not only is a four-color process (plus white) used along with 1200 dpi photographic quality, but also the labels are reasonably priced and environmentally friendly! CDigital also offers CD and DVD duplications and replications, custom USB drives, and media packaging services.

In order to be successful, the company makes sure to focus on three important aspects of the industry:

  • Systems
  • Equipment
  • Fast Turn Production

By having a variety of systems and upgraded equipment, it allows fast turn production for customers. To find out more about systems, equipment and fast turn production, or anything else about CDigital, visit the brand new website cdigitalmarkets.com!


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