Adventure Web Launches New Site: Capitol Floor Preparations Inc.

Capitol Floor Preparations

Capitol Floor Preparations has been providing floor-covering services to Maryland, D.C., and Virginia for twelve years. Over this time, they’ve developed strong ties to local Baltimore contractors and to most of the major contractors in the tri-state area. Countless clients have benefited from Capitol Floor Preparations’ dedication to cooperation.

The company offers a wide variety of services, including portable shotblast cleaning, outdoor concrete dressing, floor levelling, substrate repairs, toppings, and underlayments. Both residential and commercial clients profit from their expertise in assessing issues and implementing solutions. Residential clients will particularly enjoy the quick, non-invasive nature of Capitol Floor Preparations’ work, while commercial clients with busy schedules and crucial deadlines can appreciate their responsiveness and flexibility.

For more details on the company’s many services, visit their website at www.capitolfloorpreparations.com.


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