A Look at How Local SEO Will Be Changing in 2016

The world of local SEO is constantly changing. As consumers evolve in the way that they search for products and services, search engines strive to keep up in real time, leaving businesses struggling to stay on top of trends that will help them reach their customers. 2016 will see some major changes in local SEO best practices and Adventure Web is here to give you a quick and easy breakdown of what you need to know. Learn more, below.

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A Look at How Local SEO Will Be Changing in 2016

Social media marketing will only become more important

American consumers are glued to their phones. They use them to check up on old friends, make dinner reservations, transfer money between bank accounts, broadcast what they love and hate, and for an endless number of crucial daily tasks. This offers a huge opportunity for local businesses to connect with customers on a genuine level by creating engaging content that’s tailored to what they’re looking for. Expect this to become even more important in 2016.

Customer satisfaction is #1

At the heart of every online marketing strategy should be the customer’s happiness. Gone are the days of writing strictly for search engines as consumers have had enough of spammy keywords and clickbait headlines that don’t reflect content. It’s crucial that businesses present themselves online in an accurate and honest way. 2016 is about building a brand that will give your customers what they want in the way that they want it.

Content marketing should keep the customer in mind

While content marketing won’t be going anywhere, it is evolving quickly. Instead of writing content simply as an avenue for search engines to find your business, the needs and interests of your customers should be at the heart of what you do. What information are you customers looking for? Be flexible in your messaging to reach your customers and in return, 2016 may just be the best year yet for your online marketing strategy.

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