7 ways to craft an incredible social media content marketing strategy

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Marketing. It is something businesses of all industries and sizes need, but if you are already marketing, how will social media marketing benefit your business? First, you have to understand the idea of social media content marketing — it’s all about producing and sharing useful information and helping people. Sometimes your content will help someone become a customer. Other times effective content marketing will help you keep customers, and more importantly bring you more customers, but you cannot simply pitch products and services to have social media content marketing work for your business. People are no longer impressed as much with commercial ads, billboards and web pop-up windows. This type of marketing is known as interruption marketing, but people want to experience marketing freely, they want to feel empowered by making their own decisions about brands.

This is not only how you want to interact with consumers, but it will also push your business away from expensive and diminishing types of marketing. Instead, your company can reap the benefits of creating unique content and implementing it into a social media marketing plan. Here are some common benefits of social media content marketing:

  1. Consumers will truly feel you want to help them and not simply pitching products and services to them.
  2. You will establish your company as an industry thought leader.
  3. Social media content marketing will help you increase your web traffic while improving your SEO rankings ( search engine optimization).
  4. By educating and empowering your customers, you will inspire them to become your brand ambassadors.
  5. By helping people daily, your company will receive fewer poor customer service reviews and business complaints.
  6. You will have the opportunity to improve customer engagement and influence their buying decisions.
  7. You will gain business value through social shares.

When developing a social media content marketing strategy, you will need to keep in mind your business goals, the content you want to share with customers and how it will benefit them. From there, you need to have an online presence where your customers spend their time on the web. If you are ready to engage your customers on social media and benefit from overall web content marketing, Adventure Web is here to help. We will show you how to use a business blog to your advantage and truly connect with your target audience right on your social media business pages and bring traffic to your website — right where your products and services are highly visible. Need a professional writer? You got it. Need to connect with your customer on Twitter? We will tweet it for you. Bottom line, we will help you produce great content, show off your expertise and attract your target audience interests. More importantly, we will help you monitor your competitors and find out how your company can outshine your competitors’ editorial calendar and social media content marketing strategy today. Learn about our content work-flow, web optimization and social media distribution to discover how we can make your content marketing more efficient. The key to a well crafted social media content marketing plan is knowing who to repackage content for different mediums. We will show you how to successfully pull off this content strategy. Keep up with our blog every week to learn about the latest social media trends and effective business content strategies.

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