6 Ways You Can Make Your Facebook Posts More Interesting

Facebook Posts

It’s important to make the content you post on your business’s Facebook page interesting and relatable to your audience.

In this day and age, people are busy. More often than not, they’re simply skimming through online content, trying to pick through and decide what is important and what’s not. Almost never do people actually read everything they see online! That’s why it’s important to make the content you post on your business’s Facebook page interesting and relatable to your audience. How do you do that? We’ll let you know in this week’s blog post!

Boost Your Facebook Posts with These Tips!

  • Set a plan

A content calendar and schedule are important so that you can ensure you’re getting out the content you want, when you want it. It’s a good rule of thumb to plan out daily posts at least a week in advance so you can be sure you have the variety of posts you need at the right timing.

  • Cater to readers who skim

As we mentioned before, people tend not to read everything on the internet in front of them. Make sure the first three or four words in your status update are relevant and interesting – people will have very short attention spans, and you need to keep them interested!

  • Optimize written and visual content

Humans are visual creatures. Text posts without pictures are very easily skipped over. What’s the type of post that generates the most engagement? That would be videos. Ensure that you’re posting a good variety, and always include something for your viewers to look at!

  • Use hashtags

Posts with hashtags tend to outperform those without. Consider trying to use at least one in each of your posts. A “brand hashtag” is a good idea too – a unique hashtag that people can come to associate with your business.

  • Customize your post descriptions

When you post a link on Facebook, it uses the metadata provided by the website for the link’s description. Did you know that it’s possible to change this description yourself? These descriptions are searchable on Facebook – so change them to cater to your business’s own needs!

  • Try different publishing times

Studies have been done to determine when the best time to post to Facebook is, but the reality is that it depends on your audience. Overall, Thursday and Friday are the best days of the week and Monday through Wednesday are the worst. Experiment with your times and see what works for you!

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