5 Tips to be Successful With Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a powerful tool, bu tit must be utilized correctly for it to be effective.

Facebook Messenger may not seem like a go-to necessity for your small business, but it’s an incredibly powerful tool that, if utilized correctly, can help build your brand. These days, it’s important to be able to connect to your audience directly. Giving your customers a sense that you’re reachable and there for their specific needs will definitely help drive business. Facebook Messenger is a fantastic way to help develop a small business and here are 5 tips for doing so.

1. Using a Plan

Your use of Facebook Messenger should align with your overall approach to marketing. If you use a specific voice for all of your advertisements or in your copy, you may want to carry over that same voice to your messages on Facebook Messenger.

2. Be Personal

Customers like feeling as though they’re speaking to an actual human being and not just a robot. This means asking the customer questions to gain more knowledge about their situation and gaining more knowledge of them personally.

3. Automatic Responses Can Still Be Useful

Facebook has a feature called Instant Replies where you can setup automated responses to customers. These can be used to let a customer know that you’ll be replying to them shortly. Just be sure that you do actually respond to your customer yourself in a timely fashion.

4. Don’t Push Sales Too Much

The nature of Facebook Messenger makes it one of the best tools out there for customer service, but a pushy sales approach won’t go over well. Keep in mind that they’re reacing out to you for help with your services, they’re not looking to be sold to.

5. Don’t Just Use Messenger

Facebook is certainly one of the most popular social platforms in the world, but that doesn’t mean that all of your customers will go through it. You’ll still want a reachable phone number and an email address that you check regularly. Facebook Messenger is a great tool for talking directly to your customers, but you can’t rely on it entirely.

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