5 Things Each Business Website Should Have

5 Things Each Business Website Should HaveWhile some web design and digital marketing trends come and go, there are a handful of things that each business website should always have. A lot goes into a website that is high-ranking for SEO, brings in consistent traffic, and effectively sells its products or services. There is a multitude of various aspects that go into a business website. Here are the five elements that all successful business websites have in common.

A Strong Purpose

When somebody lands on your website, two things should be very clear off the bat: what you do and what you want your visitor to do. Are you sharing information, looking to build your customer base, and sell your product? Have a clear and defined goal for each page of your business website.

Robust, Professional Branding

A few small businesses underestimate the importance of branding. From your website domain name to the colors you pick, everything that represents your business should be a part of telling a bigger story. Your logo should be professional, not some inexpensive clip art or something free that many other companies might be using. The colors, imagery, and fonts on your website should be a bigger reflection of your brand.

Easy Navigation

There’s a lot of options when it comes to website menus: drop-down, hamburger, scroll-triggered, and the list goes on. No matter which kind of menu you pick, it’s crucial to make it as simple as possible for visitors to find what they need on your site. Your navigation should be easy and intuitive in both the design and the way that the pages are organized. Clear and defined links to the most important pages, and a website map, are critical for guiding visitors to the information that they’re looking for.

Strong Call to Action

A call to action should tell your reader what to do and what they will be getting out of performing that action. For example, an accountant’s call to action might say something like. “Simplify your taxes by making an appointment with us today.” Strategically placing your CTAs in your content is another way for you to increase conversions. This simple call to action is eye-catching without being a bit too intrusive.

An Enjoyable Mobile Experience

Mobile website traffic accounts for over half of all web traffic, so an enjoyable mobile experience is essential. If your site does not load fast and provide a good user experience, you will lose visitors. Ensure that your web design team creates responsive websites. Responsive web pages mean your website will look and perform well on all devices: tablet, phone, or computer.

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