5 Important Notes to Take from Google’s Search Quality Rater’s Guidelines

Last week Google released the the entire Google Search Quality Rater’s Guidelines, which they have never done before. For many SEOs, this offers unprecedented insight into how to utilize google search. These five important tips can help you take control of your search ranking and improve your business’s web presence.


Your Money Or Your Life Pages (YMYL) Are Held To A Higher Standard


SEOs were first introduced to this concept a year ago in a copy of the guidelines which had been leaked. In an effort to make every Google search both user friendly and relevant, they want to make sure that pages which can effect a person’s life or money in meaningful way are correct and high quality. This means that if your website falls into the one of the YMYL categories ( shopping or financial transaction pages, medical information pages, legal pages, financial information pages, or other) make sure to include expert opinions, references, and helpful additional content to improve your search ranking.


You Are What You E-A-T


Expertise/Authoritativeness/Trustworthiness, often referred to as E-A-T, is the internet’s opinion of the usefulness and authenticity of your site. This is especially important for those sites that are in the YMYL category. You can increase this with verifiable expertise from both internal and external sources.


Page Design Is More Important Than Ever


With an overflow of web content, users know a poorly designed site when they see it. This however, goes far beyond aesthetics or being user friendly. Google wants raters to take the focus of the page into account. Put your main content front and center without obscuring it with ads. This can help improve your search ranking while making your site more appealing.


What Makes For A Low Quality Page


The Google Search Quality Rater’s Guidelines provide insights into what to do, as well as what not to do. Avoiding these five mistakes will vastly improve your site. Google considers low quality main content, too little main content, pages lacking in E-A-T, a bad reputation, and distracting or irrelevant supplementary content the worst offenses.


Mobile Friendliness


If your site is not mobile friendly and able to be viewed on multiple platforms, this will hurt your perceived quality. Google tells their raters to rate any site that does not meet this criteria as low as possible.


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