4 Web Design Mistakes to Keep an Eye Out For

4 Web Design Mistakes to Keep an Eye Out For

To help keep your company’s website looking sharp, you must avoid these web design mistakes.

Despite digital marketing’s strong emphasis on clean cut web design and simple-to-read layouts on custom websites, most organizations continue to make web design choices that scare away online users more than they draw them in. This is a big problem because your website’s bounce rate will impact your search engine rankings as well as your conversion rate. To help keep your company’s website looking sharp, here are four of the most common web design mistakes companies make and how you can avoid them.

Filling Your Website with Pop-Ups

Full-service marketing might recommend putting a pop-up subscription box onto your website. If an online user has to click “X” on more than one advertisement or subscription box that keeps them from the information that they’re trying to read, they will leave your site to find that information elsewhere. Try to limit the number of pop-ups on your website to just one per page.

Making the Text Too Big

The optimal choice for your text size on your website is 14 point font. This will ensure that online users of all ages are able to see the information on your site. Making the text too small could hurt the users’ eyes and negatively impact any legibility. Text that is too big can seem a bit unprofessional and makes your website look a bit cluttered.

Breaking Up Your Sentences Too Much

A common theme right now within content marketing is to break up content so that it is easier to read through. Content marketing might be able to generate about three times as many leads as your traditional marketing. But if you are breaking up your paragraphs after each sentence, it could actually make your website look very unstructured. Keep your paragraphs around four sentences long. Only use one-sentence paragraphs when you are emphasizing the information in it.

Making Your Header Too Large

Web design services might recommend a header on your website that will follow your user as they scroll down. This makes it much more easy to navigate your website if they have to go to a different web page. But if your header takes up half or more of your website, it makes it much harder for your users to see the information that they need. This is a big problem for news websites.

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