4 of the Best Chrome Extensions to Boost SEO

chrome extentions

In order to boost SEO results quickly and efficiently, take a look at some of the best Chrome extensions you can download to help you out.

Boosting SEO is finicky business.  It can often be difficult to get the hang of working with SEO to boost your sales and marketing skills.  But one of the hardest things is navigating the wide world of social media to carefully and correctly market your business.  Using SEO involves a lot of complicated techniques that often take more time to complete than you may have.  In order to boost SEO results quickly and efficiently, take a look at some of the best Chrome extensions you can download to help you out.

1. bitly

Are you running into the issue of going over the Twitter character limit due to a long link?  Shortening links is a vital skill when it comes to SEO; not only does it cause a tweet to go over the character limit, but it also distracts your audience from the actual article you’re linking to.  Bitly quickly and easily shortens your links to make them more manageable for Twitter.

2. Check My Links

If you’ve ever received a complaint regarding a broken link, you know it’s impossible to know whether or not a link is broken until your customer alerts you.  And not every visitor that comes to your site will tell you if they’ve run into a broken link; they may just leave, which could cost you a sale.  Running this Chrome extension will show you which links on your web page are broken.

3. Rapportive

Sometimes, writing an email to a client or colleague can be intimidating if you aren’t familiar with them.  What do they do for a living?  Is it safe to assume they’re okay with a more casual email?  Should you be conscious of how long they’ve been working in the industry?  Rapportive lets you review a person’s LinkedIn profile as you write an email addressed to them.

4. RiteTag

This is especially useful if you’re in an odd industry and aren’t sure which hashtags to use in your posts.  In order to make sure your hashtag is actually relevant and will get your content seen by clients, use RiteTag to keep your content on track.

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