3 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy


As far as internet marketing strategies are concerned email marketing has stood the test of time. Email might seem ancient in terms of internet history, but it’s still incredibly relevant. The effectiveness of social media networks may have waned when it comes to direct marketing, but the numbers for email marketing are still there. In fact, a whopping “70% of digital marketers see email as the top medium for ROI,” according to MarketingProfs, and “62% of B2B e-marketers plan to increase spending for email marketing.”

Of course, the one thing that absolutely needs to happen in order for your email marketing to be successful is for the recipients of your emails to open them! You can be sure that the message makes it to their inbox, but how can you increase the chances they will open it? Learn more in this week’s blog on improving your email marketing strategy.


Email marketing remains an effective digital marketing strategy. Learn how to improve your campaign, in our blog!

3 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

Make Sure Your Email List Knows What They’re Getting

Every website has a place where people can sign up for the email list. Your site might even have a drop down box that appears when a user reaches a predetermined point on the site. But the thing is, lots of these sign up sheets don’t tell the user much about what kind of content they’re going to be receiving.

If your ultimate goal is to get users to sign up for your email list, then you’re doing more harm then good. You’re probably turning off people who otherwise might have signed up for the list. Your ultimate goal should be to provide the members of your list with great content. If you include a segment on the sign up sheet that tells people what kind of content they can expect from you (and how often), they’re much more likely to sign up.

Make the Subject Line Shine

It doesn’t matter how good the content of the email is. You could have written the next Gettysburg Address, but with an unimaginative title, and no one would even bother to open it. Spend a little time coming up with something creative that will catch the recipient’s eye. Getting the email opened is half the battle!

Make Sure It’s Optimized for Mobile

More and more users are checking their email on their mobile devices over their desktop. If a reader opens an email only to find it’s not optimized for mobile, then you’ve basically thrown away all the work you’ve done to get them to open the email in the first place.

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