3 Tips to Skyrocket Your Social Media Approach


Is your current social media approach attracting enough of the right attention?

If you own a business or are in charge of promoting a brand, your social media approach plays a large role in the success of your efforts. What if you are doing it all wrong? How will you know? When it comes to social media, common sense and a few key fundamentals can go a long way.  Adventure Web Interactive is here to fill you in on three ways you enhance your social media approach to attract more of the right attention.

Realize That Promotional Offers Aren’t Everything

For many businesses, it’s no secret that drawing consumers in on social media is an effort to increase the chances of making a sale. While boosting posts and promotional offers is a beneficial way to get the word out about what you’re offering, you should keep your followers engaged and interested by delivering a healthy mix of valuable content. Think about it – when you are on your personal Facebook page, are you more likely to notice the brand that is constantly pushing the same predictable promotions or the brand that posts the one thing that actually caters to your interests? Learn more about how to ride the wave of social media marketing trends here.

Use Social Media Influencers

If you can leverage the reach of social media influencers, this can make all the difference in the success or failure of your brand. First, you need to figure out which social platform your audience thrives on and find out who people on that platform are listening to the most. Then, you need to find a way to reach out to that influencer and convince them that your brand is worth sharing. Learn more about how to build brand partnerships here.

Know How Much Posting is Too Much Posting

While it’s true that having a social media presence is better than not having one, overwhelming your audience is the easiest way to turn them off. Again, think about it in regards to your personal Facebook page. We all have that one Facebook friend that consistently posts way too much information about themselves, shares way too many updates, and overflows your newsfeed – leaving you hovering over the “unfriend” button. Your business or brand should post consistently, but without being annoying or overwhelming. Finding the magic number will take time and depend on your unique brand, but start small and gradually work in more posts. If you notice you’re losing followers, cut it back or revamp the content.

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