3 Tips to Bridge the Gap Between Generations Online

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Be in the know about how social media operates so you can connect with a younger audience.

Social media is a new and overwhelming world.  It seems like there are new websites every day, boasting a better and bigger way to reach people.  And with the internet producing an overload of information, it can be difficult to figure out where to put your efforts.  Sometimes, if you aren’t completely and totally paying attention to social media trends, these efforts can go to waste.  Perhaps you’re wondering why your company only has six followers on Twitter.  Maybe you’re trying to up your like count on Facebook.  But how do you start?  How do you really reach out to an audience using Twitter, in a way that will get you noticed?  Is it even possible to get clients who saw your tweet while perusing a hashtag?  And what if you don’t even know what that last sentence means?!  Sit tight.  It’s about to get a lot less complicated.


  1. Don’t try to relate to the “kids these days”.


This is probably the biggest mistake I see among those companies trying to advertise on social media.  The internet is like a different culture–there are inside jokes, etiquette, and so many different platforms to speak your mind.  It’s understandable that a lot of internet users are younger, because we grew up with this stuff.  Younger audiences created social media and all of the invisible rules that come with it.  So, when older generations come online trying to post what they think is a really funny meme, it kind of feels like a parent going to your prom and dancing like it’s 1980.  It’s counterproductive.  There is a fundamental lack of understanding between the different generations using the internet and that needs to be respected.  If you try too hard to relate to kids these days, you’re gonna have a bad time.


  1. Produce relatable and interesting content.


So, if you can’t participate in inside jokes, and everyone absolutely hates advertising?  What are you supposed to do?  That’s where blogging comes in.  Blogging, when done right, can’t backfire like unintentionally hilarious incorrect meme usage.  If you’re a cleaning company, post about ten “life hacks” that will help your customers keep their ovens clean.  Research creative DIYs related to your business.  Reach out and tell people why a certain part of your company is worth investing in.  Talk to your audience like real people–don’t dive too deep.  Young people are interested in instant gratification, and instead of making that sound like an insult, write a blog about how teens can use certain aspects of your company to achieve results immediately.  Which leads me to my final point…


  1. Don’t treat younger generations like mindless drones.


It can be really frustrating to be constantly belittled by older generations because of how many selfies we take.  Maybe it’s really big right now to talk about how social media is poisoning our youth–but the youth don’t want to hear that.  As said before, this is a culture created by younger generations.  This is their playground.  And for some people, the internet is the source of a lot of meaningful relationships.  You’re not going to reach the audience you want when you insult that.  Instead, tell me why your company is internet-savvy.  Tell me about your app.  Tell me why you’re dedicated to making my life easier.  It’s not contributing to laziness–it’s giving your audience something tangible.


You’ll catch up.  It may seem daunting, but really, social media is all about mindset.  Once you enter it, you’ll be reaching audiences in no time.


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