3 SEO Tips to Make Your Blog More Searchable

When it comes to blogging, content is king. It’s important to create fresh, relevant content in order to build an audience and get picked up by search engines. However, content that is not optimized to be picked up by search engines won’t make much of a wave in the vast world of the internet. So how do you make sure that the content you’ve worked so hard to create is searchable and gets noticed? Read on for 3 SEO tips to make your blog more searchable.


Use these 3 SEO strategies to improve the searchability of your blog.

3 SEO Tips to Make Your Blog More Searchable

Use alt tags

Search engines have no way of processing the content of an image unless they’re told specifically what the photo is about. That’s where alt tags come in: by naming the image using descriptive keywords, it allows search engines to pick it up and categorize appropriately and makes your image searchable. Always be sure to add your keywords in the alt tag of every image you use in each blog post to maximize SEO.


Use keywords in links

Instead of using the default “click here,” when linking to an outside source be sure to use active keywords instead. Make the title descriptive so the reader has at least some idea of what the link is going to be about, encouraging them to click on it. The description you use for your link is referred to as “anchor text” and search engines will trawl focus on how relevant the anchor text is to the post content. The relationship between anchor text and content is heavily weighted so using keywords as your descriptor (in a way that’s natural) is a great habit to adopt.


Cross-link your posts

Links are incredibly important to improving your blog’s searchability. Increase your post’s visibility and SEO strength by linking to other areas of your website or previous blog entries and make it a habit to start linking to outside sources as well. Another great way to increase your searchability is by having external links that point to your content so creating partnerships with likeminded content creators where you can link to each other’s posts (in a way that is natural and believable) will make you much more attractive for search engines. Also remember to cross-post your blogs to relevant social media channels to maximize the number of opportunities that search engines have to find your post.

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