3 Millennial Digital Marketing Tips from…Taylor Swift?


T-Swift’s squad wishes they were as cool as our squad.

Taylor Swift seems to have taken over the world.  Aside from being hugely talented and absurdly beautiful, Ms. Swift has a heck of a brand that she’s established for herself. The single highest-earning musician in the world — her recent world tour brought in over $4 million per show and she makes more than $1 million per day in revenue — Taylor is this generation’s Beatles. (Not saying in the sense of music quality, merely in popularity. Don’t want to start an uproar by comparing Taylor with John, Paul, George, and Ringo.) Whether you’re a fan or a hater, here are three things that Taylor Swift can teach us about digital marketing.

Harness the Power of FOMO

FOMO. The fear of missing out. The 21st century and the Millennials living in it are the kings and queens of inclusion. Even older generations feel an innate need to take part in big, exciting things. Using FOMO for good, not evil, digital marketing can follow T-Swift’s model to create feelings of excitement, engagement, and loyalty. Whereas Taylor includes personalized messages and chances to meet-and-greet in her albums, smaller businesses can use the similar idea of special, limited-time offers to create buzz around their online marketing strategy.

Love Your Consumers the Way Taylor Loves Cats

…And the way she loves her fans. Taylor is one of the best in the business at appreciating her fans and letting them know it. She’ll go out of her way to interact and she shows fans true thanks with one-on-one opportunities. This is another great digital marketing strategy to employ through social media. Engaging with consumers on an intimate level lets them know that you’re listening and you’re there to help. In return for supporting them, they will support you right back.

Create Special Experiences

Creating the perfect marriage of FOMO and fan appreciation, Taylor is able to provide so many fans with individual unique experiences that it almost doesn’t make sense. Her 1989 World Tour featured 38 different guest appearances ranging from Selena Gomez to the Rolling Stones. Each show was exclusive and mind-blowingly special for the fans of that particular show. You can recreate this in your digital marketing by focusing on special experiences that will be meaningful to your customers. Whether it’s a social-follower-exclusive event or a digitally-driven contest, consumers are consistently more willing not only to spend on experiences, but also to share those experiences with their friends, driving conversation about your brand.

You didn’t think you’d be reading about Taylor Swift on a digital marketing blog, did ya? Better yet, you didn’t think it would actually be relevant. Face it, Taylor Swift rules the world, and we can only hope to emulate her greatness.

In conclusion: This isn’t 1989 anymore. Everything Has Changed in the online marketing landscape. Speak Now to create a Love Story and avoid Bad Blood with your customers, don’t leave a Blank Space on your social media presence, be Fearless with your Style, and your Wildest Dreams will come true when you come Out of the Woods in the world of digital marketing.

Alright, we’re pretty proud of that.

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