3 Ideas That Play into the Psychology of Marketing


Developing effective marketing practices often means knowing some basics of the psychology behind marketing.

Marketing is much more than just a business tactic – it’s one that includes many layers of study, strategy, and analysis. Those factors also include psychology and how understanding human behavior will influence and inform their purchasing decisions. Read on to learn more about three ideas that play into the psychology of marketing.

Why People Share Content

Understanding why social media and internet marketers share the content that they do will greatly help professionals gain a better understanding of how to appeal to the needs and concerns of their intended audiences. It will also help with strategy implementation. The first reason is to positively impact or change lives. According to a study conducted by The New York Times, 95 percent of marketers reported that they share content to improve people’s lives. Furthermore, the content they share is chosen to define the brand identity and to engage with followers in a manner that solicits feedback.

The Importance of Developing Trust

The idea of developing trust makes it more likely that your intended audience will buy your products and use your services. You wouldn’t use the products or services of a brand that you feel weary of. Furthermore, you wouldn’t invest in brand that you believed to have questionable ethics. Marketers must establish trust in order to be influential in the decision-making of the general public. Two ways to establish and promote that trust are through customer reviews and user-generated content, which both allow potential customers the ability to envision themselves having a similarly positive experience with your brand as others have.

Creating an Emotional Connection

It’s been established that making a purchase is much more than just a financial decision; it’s also one that is heavily influenced by emotion. In fact, the Association for Psychological Science reports in a journal that, “evoking certain emotions can help increase the chance of a message being shared.” Marketers look for ways to increase emotional engagement by sharing positive and uplifting content from the industry as well as other customers. They also use humor, timely references, and share the experiences of employees.

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