3 Content Marketing Tips So Obvious You Might Miss Them



Increase your web traffic when you utilize these simple content marketing tips.

Looking to grow your business? If so, a functional content marketing strategy is essential. Content marketing helps your business connect with potential prospects and rise above the competition. Adventure Web is here to share valuable content marketing tips with you that will help you nail down an effective content marketing strategy that will help you engage with your audience, boost traffic, and connect with more leads.

Write Better Content

While this may seem like a no brainer, many businesses tend to brush this aspect of content marketing under the rug. Your content itself needs to be better, more informational, and more intriguing than your competitors. Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, recently told Forbes, “Your words are your ambassadors – they tell your customers and prospects who you are. Many companies still don’t differentiate themselves enough through their writing voice.”

Give Your Customers the Answers They Need – FAST

As a business, you should be answering the questions your customers are asking you in a timely fashion. Additionally, you should be encouraging your customers and potential leads to ask you the questions they need answers to. Use questions as a form of engagement through your blog or social media platforms, to help you stand out as an educated industry leader. This will drive traffic to your site, increase customer satisfaction and boost your credibility.

Write Engaging Headlines

The Internet is all about click-bait. You can write and share amazing content, but if it isn’t packaged with an engaging headline that encourages readers to click on it – your valuable time and effort could go unnoticed. How many people would pick up the newspaper if the front page didn’t have a riveting headline on it? Unlike a newspaper in a convenience store that may sit beside three or so other publications, your web content headline or social media post has a lot more competition. Engaging headlines should be thought provoking, intriguing, and in some cases, provocative.

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