10 Reasons to Create a Business Facebook Page

Business-Facebook-PageSince its creation in 2004, Facebook has quickly changed the social media industry. It was the first social media platform to reach a billion users and still remains one of the most popular sites to use. Those who have an active account tend to spend nearly an hour per day on the site, and those who access the site with a smart device tend to visit Facebook at least 14 times a day. With so much activity on the popular social media site, it becomes a no-brainer to create a business Facebook page. For those who are still nonbelievers of social media, here are ten main reasons why Facebook should be used for your business.

Facebook and your Business

  1. Additional Business Outpost- A business or “fan” page for your company can help create another useful branding outpost for your company. This page provides an easy access to basic information for current and potential customers as well as potential employees and partners.
  2. Website Traffic- A recent update to Facebook has allowed pages to include a contact or purchase now button near their cover photo, which can link a customer or client to their business website. This can help increase the overall traffic to your site, which can equal an increase in sales.
  3. SEO-Google has created a feature that takes into account the content on Facebook pages, which can help with search engine results for your business.
  4. Community Engagement- A business Facebook page provides a space to encourage interaction between your business and customers, as well as customer to customer interaction. This type of interaction can help boost your sales and branding.
  5. Direct Connection- Instead of hoping to connect with customers through posts on your site, use a business page to create a direct and personal connection with your customers. Staff can message customers directly as well as post pictures from events and respond to comments left on the page.
  6. Customer Relationships- Dissatisfied customers are beginning to take their problems to social media instead of waiting to talk to a staff member directly. Using social media to help resolve any issues is a great way to build trust with your customers.
  7. Brand Evangelists- You will also find individuals who are willing to discuss their positive experiences with your company and their satisfaction with your service or product.
  8. Improvement and Awareness- A business Facebook page is an easier and more efficient tool to use when inquiring about improvements suggested by current clients or customers in order to make your company better than before.
  9. Page Insight Tools- The insight tools provided by Facebook can help you monitor visitors to the page as well as interaction with page content.
  10. Competition- Business pages are easy and non-obtrusive when it comes to checking out local competitors within your industry.

Create your Business Facebook Page with Adventure Web

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