Adventure Web Productions Launches New Site: Vec’s Plex

elite sports training

Vec’s Plex is an athletic training facility located in Virginia Beach that provides elite personal training and sport-specific skills to athletes and beginners. Big names such as Former NBA lottery pick Joe Alexander and NFL star Doug Legursky train with Vec (Jon Moravec) at Vec’s Plex to stay in top shape and continue practicing in the off-season.Vec’s Plex also offers fun Boot Camps for beginners looking to challenge their fitness and stay healthy. These boot camps are four week long group classes designed to keep you motivated and build confidence. Another great program offered by this sports training facility in Virginia is VeXFIT. Participants can range from elementary school to over age 18. Each class is broken down like so:

Recruit – 18 years + (Full Access to Weights and Facility)
Professional – Adult Class
Division 1 – High School Class
Division 2 – Middle School Class
Division 3 – Elementary School Class

These programs are tailored to each age level and will keep participants active, in shape, and fitness educated.

To see Vec’s Plex’s new website, visit http://www.vecsplex.com. Be sure to follow Vec’s Plex on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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