Why connect Facebook with shopping?

Have you ever thought about how many people are on social networking sites, such as the infamous Facebook for example, at any given moment spanning the entire globe? Well think about it. Now consider the thought of your products being available to not only look through, but actually purchase, online while they’re in the middle of updating their status, checking out their best friends new pictures or stalking their significant other’s wall. This is a genius form of mixing business with pleasure in the most informal way possible. We’re not talking about your consumers using your company website or visiting an America’s largest online retailer powerhouse, Amazon.com.  We’re talking about them doing what they enjoy, as a part of the online community they have created in the privacy of their own homes, while having the opportunity shop at the same time on the same website. 

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Before we jump into sales, lets examine the marketing aspect. According to a recent study done by Morpace Omnibus, retailers may have a distinct advantage over their competitors from marketing their products and/or services using Facebook.  

The study finds that not only are consumers joining Facebook fan pages that are managed by businesses, but they also use Facebook as a means to offer and receive product recommendations. “The results show us that Facebook is a tool for retailers to directly communicate with their target market,” said Morpace retail VP Kirsten Denyes. “Retailers can offer consumers product information and exclusive coupons and discounts to create viral product buzz among Facebook consumers.” With the marketing power of utilizing Facebook having been said and proven by this study, we can now explore the obvious next step to hearing great things about a product or service; people buying it.  

E-commerce enabled social media is undoubtedly the wave of the future. Consumers that are visiting your businesses Facebook fan page and are fanning you, obviously like something about you. They may appreciate your customer service, enjoy your commentary, read your blog or most importantly, love your products. Why not maximize on this relationship by allowing consumers to add products to your websites shopping cart on the same site their surfing for fun?  

Facebook Store

The Facebook online store allows consumers to view your entire product line and read full descriptions, followed by a click-of-the-mouse connection to your businesses shopping cart. This method allows people to skip the entire “searching” process for your website and be directly linked through Facebook. This can assist consumers in sifting through the clutter of search engine results, and get straight to what they want, your products.  Facebook is an easy-to-use, effective way to showcase your products or services to a mass market who may have never been “searching” for your website, but did happen to stumble upon your fan page.  

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