What’s a CTA and Why Should You Use Them?


A CTA, or call-to-action, can really bolster the utility of all of your marketing materials.

A call-to-action, or CTA, is when you prompt your audience to do something. Think of it as the wrapping up of a sales pitch—you’ve educated your audience, offered them some piece of knowledge or benefit, and then you top it all off with an invitation to engage with your business. CTAs can be found in social media messages, at the end of a blog or a webpage, or towards the end of any of your marketing materials. It can be an in-text link, image, or paragraph that provides users with an actionable task. With that in mind, let’s take a look at why you should use them and what some best practices are.

Increasing Leads

CTAs are useful because they can easily be tracked and analyzed. If you don’t change anything but your CTA, it’s safe to assume that whatever impact that has is a direct result of the changes made. This can be great for collecting specific data about your customers. It also gives your content a general sense of purpose by letting your readers know what to do: share this post, reply and let me know, contact me directly if you have an interest.

How to Write a Good CTA

When working with a CTA, you want to use actionable language that is clear and distinct. This means using language like discover, find, explore, follow, visit, and so on to nudge your readers in the right direction. Being direct is always the best option when writing a call-to-action. You also want to have some clear value associated with whatever that action is, like a proposition to find out more info, or keep up to date with any sales you may be having.

Consistent and Clear

Your CTA should be in line with the image of the rest of your business, including any other copy you have. You want it to fit the same tone and feeling so it retains the same brand perception your audience has come to associate with you. This also means avoid using jargon or humor, as your CTA is intended to be clear, direct, and informative to your readers.

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