Website Launch: Align Staffing

alignstaffingAdventure Web is proud to present another website in our website launch series: Align Staffing! Align staffing provides qualified professionals to companies in the healthcare, social services, and education industries. A systematic method called Rapport™ along with a team approach is how Align Staffing locates and places the best candidates to the best positions. Since Align Staffing specializes in healthcare, social services, and education, they are better equipped to identify the most qualified candidates and match them to jobs that fit them well. It’s a win-win!

The Story of Align Staffing

Aaron Copeland is the founder of Align Staffing. When he was growing up, he had behavioural issues in school as he was overly inquisitive and disruptive. As an adult, Copeland understands what children with behavioural issues go through on a personal level. That is why Copeland founded Align Staffing on the principles of providing quality care to children with behavioral issues in the educational, social service, and healthcare areas. Align Staffing now provides qualified, hand-picked candidates to top companies in the Washington, D.C. area. The organization began by finding qualified candidates for D.C. charter schools that were struggling to find the right behavioural health specialists to provide care for students with special needs. From the very beginning, Align Staffing has been dedicated to finding professional and knowledgeable team members who could share their brilliant expertise with clients.

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