Web Design Trends of 2014

The ever changing world of web-design mandates that design and marketing companies stay on top of emerging industry trends and ideas. Here are a few exciting new trends in web development that Adventure Web is particularly thrilled about.custom web design, web development

Mobile First Design: The steadily increasing popularity and prevalence of mobile devices has dramatically changed website design over the past few years but it’s only fairly recently that companies have begun to approach web-design considering mobile platforms first. This new design process consists of first creating mock-ups of how your site will look and scale on different mobile platforms. The underlying principle is to approach custom web design from the bottom-up, starting with only the bare essentials and eliminating excess. From there mobile interfaces are simply expanded to accommodate wider screens resulting in cleaner, more efficient web pages that provide a universal experience across all platforms.

Grid-Style Layouts: Popularized by sites like Pinterest, grid-style layouts are becoming increasingly prevalent in the world of web development and for a good reason: They condense wide varieties of content into an easy to skim, adaptive interface that allows users to browse large swaths of easily accessible content. That’s not to say that grid layouts are for everyone, they’re still a fairly specialized niche that is mostly utilized by social media but it’s not hard to envision a future where this visually attractive form of web development finds its way into more corporate designs.

Extended Form Elements: Most frontend developers should be familiar with jQuery, a multiplatform JavaScript library designed to simplify html and Java scripting. Recently jQuery has seen an explosion in free, open-source plugins, both in quantity and demand, specifically those designed to enhance the end-user experience. People are creating everything from floating labels to sleek new input confirmations and tooltips and making it available to the custom web design community. It’s an exciting movement which is sure to raise visual quality across the web and allow even more people the ability to craft websites with even more control over the user experience.

Flat Website Design: One of the biggest new UI trends in web development in the incorporation of flatter elements. CSS3 has given developers the opportunity to craft much flatter buttons, form inputs, and navigation menus. Flat Web design reflects a growing interest in cultivating simpler, more honest websites that are quick, easy to use and acknowledge the two-dimensional nature of web browsing in a stylish and appealing way.

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