How To Utilize Twitter For Your Small Business


Learn how to use Twitter effectively for your small business.

When it comes to expanding your branding and connecting with consumers, it is essential that your business is taking advantage of social media effectively.  One of the most widely used platforms is Twitter because you can engage an audience in a few words.  If used correctly, you can increase traffic to your website and establish relationships with consumers.  Luckily, there are a few simple tips on how to use Twitter for your small business.

Schedule Your Tweets Consistently

The chances are that you do not have time to be Twitter constantly throughout the day, but you still need to be posting.  There are several services available, such as Hootsuite, where you can schedule posts ahead of time. So, you can create a posting schedule for an entire week, month, or year if you wanted to.  However, it is essential that you are replying to users if they are responding to your posts.

Keep It Visually Appealing

When posting on Twitter, you do not want to limit your content to just words.  Make sure you are including visually appealing content in your posts. Photos and videos are proven to generate more engagement than just posting a simple tweet.  Make sure that your visuals relate to your brand and business. You want to post visual content that makes a user want to share it with their followers.

Don’t Sell All The Time

When using Twitter for your business, try to avoid selling your products or services constantly.  No one wants to follow a brand that is trying to sell at them all the time. You need to use Twitter to enhance your engagement with your target audience.  You want to build a human connection with them. You want to become a resource for users so that they can come to you with questions about your business.

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