LinkedIn Should Be Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

While it often seems like Facebook and Twitter reign supreme in the world of social media marketing strategy, LinkedIn is an incredibly valuable platform for content distribution that can help get your brand’s name out there in front of the people who matter. There are a number of different ways that LinkedIn can be leveraged to share your content. Read on for tips on how to decide the best strategy for your brand.

linkedin content strategy

LinkedIn content marketing strategy 1: Update your status

LinkedIn’s status update feature is woefully underused but provides an excellent opportunity to connect with others in your industry by allowing you to offer relevant links and insights to your network. Status updates work best for keeping your brand at the forefront of people’s minds by offering consistent and timely information. When you publish a status update, it is broadcast to everyone in your network so be sure to use this tool wisely. Unlike your personal Facebook page, your LinkedIn status update should never be about the funny thing your cat did this morning or a photo of what you had for dinner last night. Instead, use it to share links to articles that add value to your audience.

LinkedIn content marketing strategy 2: Publish an article

For longer form content or to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry, publishing articles that you have written on LinkedIn should be a large part of your content marketing strategy. Publishing on LinkedIn can offer you access to a much broader audience than a status update would as your content has the potential to reach any of the platform’s 300+ million users. In order to truly build connections with other LinkedIn users and add value to the conversation, publishing articles can be an invaluable cornerstone of your content marketing strategy.

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